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El Greeko (Gourmet Feast)_N
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El Greeko (Gourmet Feast)_N
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Olive Oil, Oregano, Basil Mixture, Mozzarella, Leafy Spinach, Sliced Black & Green Olives, Red Roasted Sweet Peppers, Fresh Chopped Garlic & Topped with Greek Feta Cheese Medium $26.15, Large $29.00

History of El Greeko & poker

This pizza earned its namesake from one of America’s all time most famous gamblers, Nick "The Greek" Dandolos, who perhaps most well known for the poker match that is said to have inspired the creation of the World Series of Poker. In 1951 Nick "The Greek" approached Benny Binion, notorious American mob boss and owner of the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas with the desire to play heads up high stakes poker against the best player Binion could find. Seeing the match as an opportunity to increase tourist traffic, Binion set up the game between Nick "The Greek" and Texan poker star Johnny Moss right in the front window of the casino.The Greek had busted every big name poker player that came his way, but this time was different. After five months of nonstop play (taking only short sleeping breaks) and having lost over two million dollars, "The Greek" rose from the table and simply uttered some of the most infamous words in poker history "Mr. Moss, I have to let you go." Over his career Nick "The Greek" claimed he had gambled with over $500,000,000 and gone from rags to riches at least 73 times! He donated more than $5,000,000 to charity and more than $2,000,000 to 'friends' in need including putting 29 children of friends through college, paying hospital bills for more than 1,000 people, and helping 300 or so to launch businesses of their own.

So, you might ask, "How exactly does this have anything to do with pizza?" Well, legend has it that during that famed poker match at the Horseshoe, a very hungry Nick "The Greek" would order up none other than a special order "El Greeko" pizza! It seemed every time Daniel and Cynthia visited Las Vegas someone told them this story of Nick "The Greek" and his legendary pizza, so they figured why not give it a try!

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The real life Mystic Pizza... ****

Sevag D.

San Fernando Valley, CA


This place is basically the real life Mystic Pizza (if you haven't seen the 80s movie stop reading this now and go watch it) With their claims of a secret sauce on the menu and 3 girls working in front while the boss yells out food orders from the kitchen. Even had the same single tv in the top corner. I had the regular pepperoni pizza which was solid…

Best Pizza in town. *****

Linda Lopez

Sherman Oaks, CA


Best Pizza in town.

Soooooo delicious!!! *****

Sonya J. 

Glendale, CA


OMG!!!! We loove the pizza and salads here!!! This is my dad’s favorite pizza place so he told us about it, so my husband and I tried it out and woooooow. We got a NY style pizza with pepperoni and I got their Greek salad with chicken... I ate the whole salad it was soooooo delicious!!!

The man running the business is a sweetheart and loves what he does, he treats you like a friend and treats his staff the same way!

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